Gulliver Woven Wall Hanging

Gulliver Woven Wall Hanging

Sage x Clare
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With an explosion of texture and detail, our statement wall hangings will add colour and interest to your interiors for years to come.

“Incredible artisanal qualities give life to this playful, eclectic piece. Tufted motifs highlight stunning craftsmanship while also creating a highly textured finish. A fringed edge is a playful detail, adding a fun and vintage touch to your home.” - Phoebe's Style Notes

  • Expertly woven by hand for that one-of-a-kind feel
  • Rich textural finish for high-level visual interest
  • Playful fringed edge because beautiful details make all the difference

Measures 100 x 120cm + fringing
Sage, Macadamia, Sea Pine, Kelp, Rosewood, Melon, Licorice
Made from 80% wool, 20% cotton