About us

Hi, I’m Michaela and like many new mums I’m still figuring out my ever-changing role as mother to Olive and wife to Drew. After having my first baby I began to feel like I was losing myself trying to work out how to be there for my family and yet still show up for, and take care of, myself. However, it was during this difficult time, with the added fun of a job redundancy, and the amazing support from my family and friends that I began to explore my passions. Having always been a creative person with a well-known love of retail therapy and all the experience that comes with the title of Mum, starting Oli + Jac just made sense. It is my hope that Oli + Jac will allow me to have a family-focused job, pursue something I love and take my community of customers along for the ride with me. My daughter is my whole world, the best thing I could ever do is be her mum and I hope that all of that love and joy comes through in everything I do at Oli + Jac.


Born out of my daughter’s love for colour and my own preference for an earthy palette, Oli + Jac is proof of how children change your life in the best possible way. Oli + Jac caters for all of your lifestyle and wellness needs with a particular focus on baby products and aims to fill the space between ‘I want my kid to love what I buy them’ and ‘I want something that will still suit my home and (slightly more) adult tastes’.
Located in the Wollongong suburb of Fairy Meadow, the shop is grounded in community values and aims to provide a welcoming space for new parents and their support crews. Oli + Jac is also committed to sustainability by taking steps to try and ensure our littlest customers can look forward to a greener future. These include using compostable mailers and eco protective wrapping materials as well as working with suppliers that share similar environmental values.
Michaela xx