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Michaela Lamond, Owner of Oli and Jac standing with Nurture the Seed co-author Renee Jennings
MEET THE AUTHOR | Renee Jennings - Dietitian, mother.

I had the absolute pleasure connecting with Renne (and her pasta loving boy, Freddie) when she popped by the store to pick up a copy of the Coal Coast Magazine. Renee is a co- author of Nurture the Seed, together with Georgia Gregory.

Being pregnant myself, juggling a small business, toddler and puppy I don't always put my nutrition first. Often opting for easy, quick process meals, especially for my lunch at work. So I was thrilled when I saw the recipes in Renne's book were simple, wholesome and delicious!

Nurture the Seed provides current nutritional advice and wholesome recipes for the preconception, pregnancy and postpartum journey. Including information on food safety, gut health, morning sickness & gestational diabetes. With 35 delicious recipes, Nurture the Seed will help you eat nutritious food with confidence. 


Ingredients for spiced vegetable and lentil soup Spiced vegetable and lentil soup in bowl with buttered sourdough toast on the side.  

*I can confirm the spiced vegetable and lentil soup is amaaazing and so easy to make. Plus it's Olive approved!

You can also find some amazingly delicious and easy recipes on the Nurture the Seed website. Including: Salmon Omelette, Hearty Pumpkin Soup and Sweet Potato Brownie

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