Coal Coast Inside the Illawarra: Fairy Meadow

Shaped by its geography, early industrial development, and immigrant roots, Fairy Meadow has transformed from what was once and idyllic grasslands to the bustling commerial hub it is today. - Diana Loppolo 

Issue no. 16 of the Coal Coast Inside the Illawarra Magazine shines a spotlight on Fairy Meadow (where you will find us located), and some of the everyday people and fellow businesses that make the place tick.

We are mentioned in the 'WHERE TO SHOP' section. 

 Coal Coast Magazine Fairy Meadow 'where to shop' feature.   


Why I chose Fairy Meadow as the base for Oli + Jac  

After being made redundant at the end of my maternity leave, I saw a ‘For Lease’ sign in a little vacant store across the road from the Pilates studio I attend  (Pilates Haus) – this is when I started to explore the idea for Oli + Jac.

Only living in the neighbouring suburb (a two-minute drive to the shop!) It was and is my hope that Oli + Jac will allow me to have a family-focused job, pursue something I love and take my community of customers along for the ride with me. 


What is my favourite thing about the community in Fairy Meadow?

The sense of comradery within the community – from both customers and fellow Fairy Meadow businesses. 

Having open my doors at the end of Sydney's covid lockdown, the store was well received. I experienced a dramatic increase in sales in-store compared to when I was soley operating online during lockdown.

I just don’t think you can beat that face-to-face interaction.

I can also attribute this success to the support I received from the community. In particular, my fellow Fairy Meadow businesses, like The Pilates Haus who continue to promote Oli + Jac to their community of members and LokaMo who shared our social media content to their audience.

If you haven't read it yet, you can grab a FREE copy in-store. 


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